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Heaven Official's Blessing by MXTX
xianxia-ish, adventure, action, romcom, angst, 1v1 HE, sfw
244 Chapters + 8 Extras
To Rule in a Turbulent World by GXR
historical, slice of life, court politics, war, 1v1 HE
75 Chapters + 11 Extras
☆☆☆The Husky and his White Cat Shizun by Meatbun
xianxia, action, conspiracy, angst, 1?v1 HE
311 Chapters + 6 Extras
☆☆☆Misfit by Wu Zhe
modern, age gap, slice of life, healing, 1v1 HE
88 Chapters + 6 Extras
Status: On Hiatus
☆☆☆The Bandit's Strategy by YXLS
wuxia, adventure, action, comedy, 1v1, 2CPs HE
194 Chapters + 2 Extras
Status: Dropped